NAREDI represents the sector since 1990

The interest in food supplements and health-related foods has grown exponentially during the last ten years, leading to an increased demand for information on legislation, quality, safety and efficiency.

At the same time, the need occurred for a central contact point for all Belgian producers and retailers active in the sector of health foods. NAREDI has been acting in this capacity since 1990 and is recognized by the State Council. Meanwhile, NAREDI has continued to grow in its responsibilities, now representing the different links in the chain: suppliers of ingredients, R&D companies, producers, distributors and retailers.

Protect health with an efficient and realistic legislation 

Healthwise, the consumer has a right to the highest level of protection, for which he counts on government. NAREDI thinks that the best way to achieve this is through clear and efficient policy. Both the consumer as well as the industry could benefit from having a clear and realistic legislation that is easily enforceable.

Therefore, NAREDI makes great efforts to advise authorities on the development and update of legislation and on managing the sector.

NAREDI takes scientific position 

NAREDI's advice is based on the work achieved by different work groups, including NAREDI's Scientific Committee. This Committee's main responsability consists of collecting scientific information and outlining them in thematic files, such as for example the maximum levels of vitamins, minerals or plants in food supplements, and the health claims issue. These files are passed on to the authorities to try and achieve a balanced scientifically-based decision concerning the safety and activity of nutrient and plants in food.

Create a better climate for the innovation of products 

Eating is as old as life itself, but every day brings spectacular new discoveries in the domains of health and food. During the last twenty years, our view on food has completely evolved from simply "daily source of energy" to "source of protection against illness and ageing". The role of certain new nutrients and food components has yet to be clarified and is in some cases controversial.

NAREDI thinks that innovation and research in the domains of food and health have to get all the opportunities they need. After all, product innovation is an integral part of economy and employment. However, all depends on whether the companies that have invested in product research get the opportunity of seeing their product or ingredient commercialized some day.