Nutrition & Health Claims Europe: 28/05/19

14th International Workshop about Nutrion & Health Claims. As a NAREDI member, you can benefit of a discount : use the discount code :  HC2018NAREDI.

The Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation was published end of 2006. Early this year, the REFIT evaluation should be published. Over hundred claims have been approved, but thousands were rejected or sent back for improvement. Critical areas for food health such as pre- and probiotics use have been severely restricted. Several thousand botanical claims are set on hold. But improvement is on its way with better guidance and understanding of what is needed to make a solid health claim request..
In this 14th International Workshop, Health Claims Europe will bring a detailed situation analysis with integrated debate time, followed by a look forward, especially as what concerns Nutrition Profiles, botanicals and claims, and probiotic/prebiotic claims
This new and exciting one-day interactive workshop is directed at Legal Counsels, Management, Regulatory, Marketing and development staff of European Food Industry and companies interested in importing food products in the European Union. 
The workshop offers excellent opportunities to meet and network with experts and colleagues.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019