Webinar e Plant Libra : the data base with scientific information on plant food supplement (in English)

ePlantLIBRA; a unique resource on plant food supplements for food and nutrition researchers, health professionals, health educators, the food industry and policy-makers

You are invited to join a webinar for 45 minutes to learn more about ePlantLIBRA with a walk through its contents followed by discussion on how to use the database for regulatory purposes and other applications.

Presenters will be

  • Luca Bucchini - Hylobates Consulting S.r.l. è (IT): an expert in food and food supplement law, and a food risk scientist. In February 2003, Luca co-founded the Rome-based food and cosmetics consultancy Hylobates, providing advice to businesses, small and large, on compliance with EU law
  • Jenny Plumb - Quadram Institute Biosciences (UK): a diet and health researcher, Jenny leads the development and compilation of eBASIS (http://ebasis.eurofir.org) and ePlantLIBRA databases


ePlantLIBRA (www.eurofir.org/eplantlibra), hosted by EuroFIR AISBL (www.eurofir.org) is a comprehensive and searchable database for validated scientific information about plant food supplement (PFS) bioactive compounds with putative health benefits as well as adverse effects. It is the only web-based database available compiling peer reviewed publications and case studies on PFS. A user-friendly, efficient and flexible interface has been developed for searching, extracting, and exporting the data, including links to the original references. Data are included on 267 plants, PFS and their botanical ingredients.

Call for new data

We are also seeking new data for ePlantLIBRA. Building a composition database is, by necessity, a collective effort, tapping into published and unpublished data to assure the quality of outputs. ePlantLIBRA has unique advantages in accommodating new botanicals data .

Contact: secretariat@eurofir.org


Do you have questions about ePlantlibra online demonstration? Contact EuroFIR AISBL - European Food Information Ressource Network
Monday, July 2, 2018